Past Events

CFC Public Meeting May 29 2019 Poster Small.jpg

Waterloo Region has a plan to house community members who have been homeless and struggling with the most complex needs for the longest period of time.  The goal is to end chronic homelessness by 2020.

At our public meeting on May 29th we learned more about the challenge, how the Region, City and local social service agencies are working together and the part we each have to play in building a brighter future for all.

At the meeting, citizens submitted a number of questions in person or via Facebook, here are the panelist’s answers.

Here’s some TV coverage of the public meeting.

One of the meeting attendees, Dr Scott Hamilton, posted this meeting summary on Facebook.

Here’s some recent information about the cost justification for ending homelessness.

Here’s an ending homelessness success story from Alberta, we can do it too!